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The wood here naturally ages and matures with time, but keeping it in the sunlight will affect this change faster. When you’re cleaning wood or metal, use a damp cloth initially to remove any loose fibres, before using a dry one with light cleaning fluid if needed for a specific stain or spill.


How much is delivery? Our delivery costs vary according to the size. A small parcel, delivered in five working days, will cost £15, a medium-sized parcel will cost £35 and a large will cost £65. These both will take 10 working days, with furniture taking 14. Orders over £1,000 will be shipped for free.

Where do you ship? As standard, we ship to anywhere in the UK. We can arrange deliveries worldwide when needed too.

Any issues? If you have any issues with your products, then please get in touch with us on 03302233057 or email:, and our customer service team will do their best to help.